AeroWeather Pro App Recensioni


Not airport Simferopol .


This has been a very useful app. Unfortunately I’m now having issues downloading notams.

Best watch app for pilots!

I have been using this for app for a while and the watch complication is perfect for checking weather at my airport. Still needs work on selecting airports. The app has a place to select airports for the watch but it still requires setup on the watch. Using series 2 and iPhone 8. I barely use the app anymore just glance at my watch. I would rate as a 5 if better instructions on getting the complication to work were available.

Notams don’t work with iOS 11

Worked great until now. Notams won’t load, says needs update to work with iOS 11.

NOTAMs no longer work

They broke it with the latest release.

Good app

A good and useful app, however its not loading last 12 metars when set to, only 3 or 4. Hope it get fixed soon.

Latest update blank!

Aero team—latest update yielded a blank app. Please fix. App does not work.

Timely, accurate and informative

I love using this app, it is so handy to have access to local METAR information on my phone. Well organized and easy to use.

Phenomenal App

Used it for years. Finally adding a review because it’s so awesome.

Great for my Job!!!!!

It is just perfect

Apple Watch support broken

Paid for the upgrade to Pro because of Apple Watch support, but it doesn’t work (widget stops receiving current weather for no reason).

Buy the pro - get alerts to buy even more stuff

The pro version will still occasionally spam you with notifications to “unlock more features.” They got my money once, but it’s an uninstall. Aviation weather alerts are critical and shouldn’t be used for marketing.

Notification spam

App developer of this PAID app engages in notification spam to beg for more money. Despicable behavior and abuse of system service! Automatic one star rating!

Still Does not work on mobile devices after update

After update, the app does not work. You can not add airports or see any weather. Unfortunate, I use to use it all the time. You can not add any airport weather through the mobile app.

Very often unusable

Would be an ok app if it wouldn’t have connection problems. Half of the time the app can’t connect to the server.

Never works when I need it

About 80% of the time when you open the app you will get "Loading Failed." Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying the data settings, etc. Well worth it when the app works properly though.

Like the potential

Took a while to get it working. On my phone seems to work fine. My Apple Watch on the other hand is a different story. My watch very seldom ever updates. I’ve tried every combination of settings but the weather straight from my watch stays hours and hours behind.

New Alert

This is a great app! I was just wondering if under the alerts a feature allowing for alerts if an airport has a delay would be possible? This would only work for US airports and FAA delays but since we can view these delays in the app, an alert for them would be fantastic.

Groups rock!

The groups feature is great. It allows you to create lists of airports. You can create a list by region or even by flight. Simply create a list and add the airports you want in the list. I have a website that creates an html version of a plain text flight plan that my company produces. I create a list of our approved alternates along the route of flight. This list can then be loaded into AeroWeather Pro using a link. Optionally, the link can be encoded as a QR code to be scanned. Thus, a pilot can open an html version of the flight plan and scan the list of airports for the flight number into AeroWeather. I would share some examples, but the last review with my site did not get posted. However, if you go to the support site for AeroWeather, there is enough Gino to figure out how to structure the link.

Great App

Every aviator should get one. ✈️✈️🛩👍👍👍

Has potential but major issue is unresolved.

Doesn’t work with iPhone X. Keep getting “loading failed” message and developer has been unresponsive. Previous versions on older iPhone was great.

A necessity for aviators

A must have.

Newest update fixes issues

I have had lots of trouble in the past with the watch app and the widget. Usually everything breaks after an update, but the latest update fixed everything! Glad to be finally able to use the watch app!

Update version now asking to purchase features that I have already paid for

Notams were included in old version of pro. Not included after latest update

Apple Watch Issues

App works great on iOS but not on Apple Watch. Data sometimes will reliably update each hour but sometimes several hours pass without updated data.

Super helpful app

Aside from the great utility as an aviation app, I also use this as my instant-weather report app when I get up in the morning. I like the new runway XWind info; quite handy and easy to glance at when coming into an airport environment; especially at the many untowered airports. I also appreciate the minimal data usage that the app employs to update the weather so that my limited data plan doesn’t get depleted. Other weather type apps are much more data hungry.


I paid for the pro version of this app years ago, and the entire time the watch complication has been a buggy mess. To make matters worse the developer, instead of fixing bugs, has now rolled out additional features that require an in app purchase (even if you already paid for the “pro” version). Maybe it’s time to fix problems instead of coming up with ways to scam more cash from your users.

Fast response to user requests

The app itself is very good, and it works efficiently on my iPhone. The developer responds quickly to requests for airport database updates and corrections. As a soaring pilot, this is my goto app for initial planning.

Worst update

Just updated with the latest release. Lost 2 years of data that I use daily. DO NOT UPGRADE THE APP. App had the best indication of x wind components allowing for quick interpretation. The update now has runways depicted and it’s a real chore to pick out the data you need. Get rid of it and go back. Talk to users BEFORE MAKING BAD CHANGES.

Rip off...

I paid for the pro version years ago and now the developer has rolled out features that require an in app purchase that used to be included with the pro version. There are other products out there that don't keep digging into our pockets.

Use to be great

I agree with other posts. This app is great on the phone and use to be on my watch. Now after many resets will not mirror the iPhone. Please fix it this week. Same for me too with Apple Watch two.

Must-have for pilots and meteorologists!

Hands down the best METAR app out there. I use the Watch aspect all the time. I love it.

Mr unhappy

Having used the lite version for some time , I wanted the extra features of the pro version namely the access to notams. I bought the pro version and was very happy with the one stop shop access to other data . Updating to the new version I find that there is no access to notams , a feature I paid for !! Do not update .

Great app

Very good and easy to use. Only thing I would recommend is maybe to add a feature where we can put for example Departure and Arrival airports to obtain both weather info together instead of look for each airport individually. Thanks good job!

Doesn’t work with my Apple Watch

I love the app and before I would have given it a 5 star rating. But it doesn’t work with my new Apple Watch. Because there isn’t an Apple Watch group on the iphone app, the data doesn’t appear on my watch. Too bad and two stars!

Great app

I really like this app, I have been using it for years both personally and professionally at work. The developers are very responsive, I have sent emails a few times and they always respond. Recently I suggested they add a barometric pressure trend arrow to the main report page (previously it was only visible when viewing station list) and I was quite pleased when they did. I recently purchased an Apple Watch, and have been playing with that interface. It’s too early for me to formulate an educated opinion, but it seems to work. Had a couple issues getting weather to update on the watch but I believe I have it figured out now. Overall a great app, thanks for the quality product.

Once loved it....then

No longer works on the iWatch. Very disappointed. New iPhone X and old iWatch don’t seem to be compatible.

Now working in kuwait except civilian airport

METAR/TAF Ali Al Sealem (KQGV) METAR: No data is available. TAF: No data is available. Sent from my iPhone

Rely on it

This is great. One of my most used apps. Obviously useful for traveling but also as an active outdoors person, the tafs and metars are hugely informative for activity planning.

Just perfect

Thank You for many years of easy to use accurate useful information. Well done

Widgit Problem

I like the app but I cannot get the widgit to work on the Apple Watch with the recent Awroweather upgrade.

Senior Captain

The old version was much better. It was a big help when you were able to see nearby airports on a map view.

Apple Watch Complication NO UPDATE

The Apple Watch Complication is terrible. It won't update properly and often has to be reset.


Love(d) this app. But with the recent update the home page widget now defaults to current location not what selected in app on widget page. Kinda a bummer.

Watch App Broke

Apple Watch app worked well before latest update. Now I have to constantly trigger the complication on the watch to make it update to the latest information. Please fix.

A must have for Pro Aviators

Great app for all my scheduled flight operations providing access to all relevant airport wx and other essential data. The search features for airports is particularly useful for adhoc and charter operations and helps me with situational awareness and a host of other airport and country information.

Go to weather app

This has become my go to aviation weather app for quickly checking on current conditions. A top pick for aviators! Update: lowered to 3 from 5. No matter what I do the AppleWatch will not pick up the iPhone’s watch list. If does not crash will display no list error message.

Nice New Upgrade

New version downloaded. Lots of great new features. Layout is good.


I'm on the Pro version. My watch hasn't updated in two weeks. Not worth the money.

Bring back the old app.

This update is simply not good v

Did you really need to do a this?

Thanks for making my life more complicated!

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